PhillyDailyTrivia.com was created for two reasons, one obvious and the other not so obvious.

My brothers and I love trivia, and we collect random facts about just about everything. In movies and TV shows, we remember addresses, clothes, and seemingly insignificant details about the characters’ lives, including the seemingly insignificant characters. In music, we remember the details of the lyrics and the stories and characters behind the songs. In sports, we remember the characters, the stats, the storylines, and sometimes even the weather.

With its history and personality, Philadelphia is a city like no other. Its had its own characters, storylines, and statistics, and it certainly has its place in television, music, and sports. PhillyDailyTrivia.com was created for a fun little project that makes use of all that information, all that character, and all that history.

The site was also created as a means to spread the word about my condo. Weird, huh? I live in a great little condo in Gypsy Lane Condominiums, a very well-run development in the East Falls section of Philadelphia, and I’m having a hard time selling it. If you’re interested in details, just click on the top banner ad on the right side of the page, and feel free to contact me with any questions.

Now for the rules…

The rules are pretty simple. Everyday, one question will be posted, and a prize will be offered. Send me your answer, and out of everyone who answers correctly, one person will be chosen at random to receive the prize. Answers must be received by midnight Eastern Time, and only one answer will be accepted per person each day.